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A Guide to Choosing the Right Japanese Auto Service Garage When your car starts to break down, you’ll need to find a dependable auto service shop. The level of service and cost of repairs may differ markedly from one garage to the next, so it’s important that you know how to make the right choice. If it’s a Japanese car, you may want to find an auto service shop specializing in Japanese makes, including Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Acura, Honda, etc. The following tips should be of help when choosing a Japanese auto service shop in your area: Ask around
Figuring Out Cars
It’s quite likely that you have a family member or friend who’s car has been repaired in the recent past. Ask them about the car repair service they used. What rating would they give for the quality of service? Word-of-mouth is usually powerful proof of a business’ ability to satisfy its customers. If people recommend a certain service, it’s because they’ve had a great experience with it. While the recommended shop may be small and not well-known, you’ll be glad about the recommendation once you get there.
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Online customer reviews Maybe your friends or family provided a good recommendation, but you find that the garage does not service your make. This is when you’ll need to turn to another version of word-of-mouth: online reviews. You can find many costumer reviews on such sites as Angie’s list; there are many opinions/comments regarding auto repair services/mechanics in your locality to be found there. Take a good look at customer complaints and use your judgement to determine their validity. Size of repair shop Large-scale auto repair shops will usually charge higher prices because they have higher overhead costs to meet. Additionally you might not find the same level of care at such shops as you will in smaller, family-owned garages, In a smaller auto service shop, you may find that the owner himself/herself will take on the repair job, so you can expect greater attention and care for your vehicle. Not all big auto repair operations are bad, of course, but if you want more personalized services, you might want to choose a smaller operation. Get several quotes Before settling on a service shop, take your car around several mechanics to get quotes. This is a good way to ensure you don’t overpay for the repair work, and it could result in significant savings. Don’t, however, choose a shop based solely on their pricing. If you must avoid the costs of repair resulting from poor workmanship, quality of services must come first. Finally you must not shy away from asking important questions. Ask about the warranties they provide; how much they cover, and for how long? Do they use used or new body parts for repair?