Our First Adventure in Switching from RVing to Sailing

We have been traveling in an RV for years. We have actually owned four of them. We have tried big ones and small ones. At one time we owned two. One for long trips and another for short trips. Our long trips were as far as we could go on land and staying for weeks or months at a time. We found ourselves gravitating to areas with water. We then spent more time at the edge of oceans. We enjoyed sailing a lot. We both learned how to navigate and pilot, so we decided to look at used sailboats for sale. Unlike some used RVs, there are some incredible used sailboats available.

The cost of sailboats varies due to several factors. One of the big things is where you will sail. You can buy a boat to sail only protected waters, or you can get a boat to sail offshore or around the world. There are boats you and a crew can live on for extended periods of time. Your ocean vessels likely have an engine to get you home if there is a problem with sailing. You can sail anywhere from off the coast of Florida to the Bering Sea. There are passages to take sailboats through to allow you to circumnavigate the world.

If you can afford a luxury RV, you can get started in sailing to get a vessel that will take you practically anywhere you want to go. There are smaller craft for weekend getaways for two, or large sailboats for sale that require a crew to operate as they travel the world’s oceans. Once we started our adventure on the water, we could not stop. We finally bought a large sailboat that could accommodate six of us very comfortably. The children and grandchildren regularly go on sailing adventures with us, and we live on our boat pretty much full time. We just tie it up wherever the weather is warm.